Sunday Reflection


When I'm not creating new apothecary items, curating new clothes, or working on anything Aria, you'll find me learning and studying the law.

Balancing between being a part of this business and becoming a lawyer is no easy task, but it's what makes this journey even more fun.

Somehow, although it always feels like a balancing act, they complement each other in the most beautiful way, and I truly believe that it's made me a better boutique owner because I also look at everything through a legal perspective. I want to make sure that all of my clients trust in my business as much as they would trust in me to represent them or give them advice.

The past few months have taught me that balance, self-care and relaxing are extremely important. We tend to forget about taking care of ourselves sometimes, and it gets difficult when you are wearing so many different hats.

I’ve been trying to make time for myself a priority on Sundays. Whether that’s to just relax in my favourite loungewear, read a book, have a quiet walk outside, or just simply sleep in.

I’d love to hear all of things you are doing to balance things out and make some time for yourselves! I find it so helpful sharing ideas with everyone (you always get so many great tips).

Do you make time for yourself on Sundays? Is there another day of the week that is better for you? What kinds of things do you do that make you feel a little better?

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